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How to get a legitimate ESA Letter and the benefits of having an ESA

esa letterHow to get a legitimate ESA Letter and the benefits of having an ESA

Domestic animals especially cats and dogs have a way of tuning to our mood. If you are a dog owner, you have probably noticed your dog gets sad or in some way submits to you when you are sad.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are medically approved and are recognized by federal and state laws. Any person can use an emotional support animal. Even if you do not have a mental illness or chronic depression, owning a pet keeps you active and offers you emotional support when the going gets tough.

ESA Letters are given to people with PTSD, panic attacks, depression, those esa dogwith bipolar and motor skill disorders among others. An ESA will help in reducing loneliness. People with this types of diseases tend to spend a lot of time alone. That time and solitude can give them suicidal thoughts but having a dog or any other animal will distract them. The purpose of an ESA is to improve the symptoms of a patient.

To get an ESA letter, you must prove that you are mentally ill. This is not easy to do for most people. You cannot wake up one easy and go to your family doctor telling them about your mental disability. You need a specialist, a psychiatrist or any other mental health specialist that is licensed and allowed to offer ESA letters.

emotional support dogAn ESA letter will allow you to get on a plane with your animal. You will be given an id tag for your pet and a certificate showing that you are allowed to travel with your ESA. You will not have to keep explaining why you’re traveling with your dog or cat or any other well-behaved animal that you bring aboard. Your landlord is also required by law to allow you to bring an ESA and not charge you an extra fee.

ESA Letter Requirements

If you do not have enough courage to walk into a therapist office and ask for an ESA letter, there are legitimate online platforms where you can do a mental evaluation test as a form of evaluation then you pay for your letter. You will conduct all your affairs online but with a licensed professional. If you choose to get the letter online, here are some pointers that will guide you and ensure that you get a legitimate letter;service dog

• Research and see if the online psychiatrist is licensed and see if the online site complies with all online health practices as required by law.
• Have the doctor’s full contacts o the letter
• See that the letter as an issue date and an expiration one
• The letter should have a renewal requirement after 12 months
• Finally, the letter should bear the ID of your ESA, its name, and type.

There is no limitation as to what breed, species and size of animal are allowed as an ESA. It is important to note that your animal does not need specialized training. Dogs, for instance, offer humans emotional support naturally without training. So if you have a pet already, you can register it as an ESA. But if you can support two animals, you can get a therapy animal from your specialist.

service dog lawsGetting an ESA letter in time reduces your anxiety and gives you a hence to have a normal social life at home and when in public places. Before you get an ESA letter make sure that your preferred pet is well behaved as it will be accompanying you to public areas and it is not exempted from disciplinary actions.

Some of the benefits of owning an ESA Letter includes;

• Reduces anxiety
You will not even notice it, and a pet will keep you busy and occupied. If it is a dog, you will need to feed, walk and clean him/her. Within no time, you become familiar with its routine and feel secure when around your animal. Being busy leaves less time to focus on things that make you different. Your level of anxiety reduces gradually.
• Boosts self-esteem
Your quality of life will improve. You will have less time to watch TV or just sit in your room. As you walk your animal or take it to the vet. You get to interact with other people and your level of self-worth increases.
• Improves physical health
Exercise has very many health benefits. With an animal in your home, you will have no choice but to play with it in the backyard or take it for a walk. In so doing, you will be exercising regularly. You will decrease chances of having high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels. As you exercise, your body releases endorphins and serotonin which are useful in improving your mood. You will not only be healthy but happy and in good shape.
• Reduces lonelinessservice animal
Studies have shown that tendencies of feeling isolated and lonely reduce when one is allowed to have a trusted ESA. Get yourself your favorite animal and get an official letter so that you can have company everywhere you go. You will be allowed to get into a hotel room with your pet. You no longer have to remain in your house.
• Reduces stress
For people with a mental disorder or depression, having social interaction can be very stressing. A pet, on the other hand, does not require much of you. You get to have a relationship that allows you to have a low level of anxiety. Relating to your ESA helps your body to release hormone Oxytocin which affects alleviating stress level. The hormone also decreases the risk of high blood pressure.

Having an official ESA will help Increases your motivation level. It will give you a chance to lead a healthy life thus reducing the adverse effects that are brought by your condition. Remember you do not have to wait until your condition deteriorate.

It is also important to information from professionals who have adequate knowledge in licensing and other crucial tips.You can also recommend a registered EA to your friends or family if they are shy about getting it themselves.


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