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ESA DogPets especially an ESA dog without doubt, have feelings and provide services for their keepers such as picking up items like shoes, clothes, passing messages and notifications, sending alert in times of danger, among others. However, some dogs when kept do it better than the others.

In the category of the former are Emotional Support Dogs which have the ability to render unparalleled love to persons suffering from conditions of mental or emotional disability like fear, panic, anxiety, mood instability, gender / misplaced identity, inferiority complex, cognitive disorder, bipolar, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and all other appearances of psychological disorder.

In America, one out of 5 suffer from mental, intellectual or emotional disability. And in the society where everyone is getting busier every day and the challenges of making ends meet keep escalating, people suffering from various emotional and psychological disorder may not be able to afford comfort and companionship from their families and loved ones all the time.emotional support animals

Imagine a child who suffers from seizure or convulsion occasionally. If this occurs when the child is in the room while the mother is busy in the kitchen, the emotional support dog which is handy through its barking would be able to attract the attention of the mother. In respect to such scenario, getting an official ESA dog becomes a need if someone suffers from emotional, intellectual or psychological disabilities.

You may as well be wondering if all you need to do is just go out there and get yourself a dog. The answer is NO. The first thing that needs to be ascertained is the fact that one is suffering from an emotional disability and whether one actually qualifies for an emotional support dog. This must have been verified by a medical professional who will then issue an Emotional Support Dog Certificate.

ESA RegistrationThis is also referred to as Emotional Support Animal Letter. This certificate is an official attestation which when need arises, may be requested when entering certain places. To establish its legality, the certificate must bear the following details:

  • -Valid Date, not later than one year in respect to when submitted
  • -The letter must be on a letterhead of the medical professional who issued it
  • -The date issued, the address, contact number who issued it must be well indicated.

Also, it necessary to allow the medical professional to help one determine the therapeutic value of the dog.

The Difference Between An ESA Dog and Service Dogs

Emotional Support Dogs are not Service Dogs. In some places like emotional support animalrestaurants, they have be restricted but they enjoy unrestricted access into places like air transport and houses. Some houses have restrictions for pets but the letter when presented gives the bearer an exclusive right. You might as well be wondering if the landlord has no right to ignore the letter, after all, it is his property.

Well, the emotional support dogs are supported by the federal law and there is the Fair Housing Amendment Acts (FHAA) which support that there should be no form of restriction to the rights of those having emotional support dogs to assist their daily lives.

In addition, there is the Air Carrier Access Act (ACCA, 49 U.S.C 41705 AND 14 C.F.R 352) which with the presentation of a valid Emotional Support Dog Certificate, enables the owner to travel with the pet while using the air transport system. Does traveling with Emotional Support Dog mean extra cost? No. All you have to do is ensure that the airline is duly informed about it prior to the traveling day.

emotional support dogHowever, when in public places, it is advisable to attach an identification tag or dress the pet with a vest as a form of identification. It is useful so as to save the owner the stress of having to explain to every inquirer.

Mind you, the pet must be trained but not necessarily professional on how to behave in public domains. As a matter of importance, the attributes of a support dog must be considered before being picked and the first should be the natural devotion of the dog and temperament. When the dog has this, training it should not pose a difficulty.

However, it does not mean the dog which does not possess this attribute should be ignored, what it means is that extra effort would be required in order to train them.

Another attribute that should concern you is the ability of that dog to learn and socialize. Some dogs are more curiously obedient than the others. A dog which sees a mother hurrying to attend to a child who is experiencing seizure would no doubt hurry to fetch that mother when it notices the child showing the discomfort which usually sends the mother hurrying. Examples of these dogs are Poodles, Lobrador, etc.

In spite of the freedom which the federal law provides for ownership of emotional support animal letterEmotional Support Dogs, the owners must see to it that their pets act in good conduct in good places. This is well managed if the owner is a responsible one. Dogs react when their owner are not well treated, they react to the emotional reaction of their owners. Hence, their owners must carefully manage their emotions in order to keep their dogs in control.

No one wants to be disturbed by pets and you do not want to be embarrassed too. Therefore, it is advisable that one ensures that the pet does not growl anyhow, intrude on the privacy of others or jump at them in an uninviting manner, relieve itself in the wrong place, bark excessively and unnecessary except in respect to the need of the owner.

Also, having a testimonial of the pet’s health or vaccination is going to be helpful especially when traveling on airlines. Various airlines have their own rules and regulations, it would be advisable to read them before making a booking with any.

No one, irrespective of the mental, intellectual or psychological challenge should not lack attention because families or loved ones are not available. It is a digital age which offers comfort, getting an Emotional Support Dog Certificate to get started demands just a step, click!


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